Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday

I stumbled upon Not Me Monday, and thought I would make my own list of things I did not do today or this week:

I did NOT watch my son get out of bed numerous times last night. Not me, my son always goes right to sleep.

I did NOT at any point wonder why God had given me a son that is as wild as wild could be. Not me, I would never have such thoughts cross my mind. Nor did I worry that he would always be a wild tornado destroying everything in its path.

I did NOT pick up clothes that had been tossed out of their drawer for the 18th time, nor did I pick up all the toys strewn all over the kid's bedroom for the millionth time because my son could not contain his busy little energy while I took a shower.

I did NOT get frustrated when my son's attention span was too short to finish even a puzzle. I did NOT search the internet in hopes of finding ways to lengthen my son's attention span and teach him preschool concepts better.

I did NOT change my son's diapers 4 times from the same poop that he refuses to do all at once. I NEVER find him hiding under the table when he's trying to poop. I NEVER have any problems getting him to place said feared poop in the potty. I have NEVER wondered why my children have poop problems.

I did NOT watch my son pretend that his Handy Manny tools were actually Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story. I did NOT find any joy and wonderment at his doing so.

I did NOT tire of having to go into the kitchen to find a "nack" every 45 minutes. I did NOT give into my son's whining because he is the cutest thing in the whole entire world with the sweetest kisses and warmest hugs that melt my weary heart.

I did NOT weep after reading Katie's blog post from Dec 15.

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