Monday, June 30, 2008

Pictures from Las Vegas

Yeah, so I saw a glimpse of the Chippendale's while I watched the View from the luxorious position behind the fencepost. And, I saw the two Davids from this year's American Idol, that I did not watch. I was pretty close to Sherri Shephard and that is an actual picture of Whoopi Goldberg standing very close to me. Daniel's conference took us on a dinner cruise to the Hoover dam. God's creation is glorious, see blog about flying. Mostly I walked >10,000 steps every day looking at the people, casinos, shops, and grande displays inside the casino buildings. (Yay!!) BTW, Nevada is running out of water too. The lake is at least 100 feet below the old normal (they don't expect it to go back to normal).

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