Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I am in Las Vegas, NV, just me and Daniel and some of his co-workers. I have more to blog about my trip here, but first I wanted to blog about the plane ride.

There is something so mysterious about flying to me. I mean men were not created to fly. Yet a man created an airplane so that we could. I have not flown a lot, but maybe an average amount considering some have never flown. There is something thrilling about it to me. I'm not a roller coaster thrill seeker. But I do love adventure, and now, I am getting to taste a little of that adventure that I blogged that I was longing for. The trip to Las Vegas was the first time I have flown since having children, and it was a lot scarier this time. I guess I had more to lose this time than any other time. But because it is so exciting and mysterious to me, I have always envisioned the hand of God carrying my airplane to wherever I am going. I see His angels pushing and lifting the wings of the plane with their hands as they fly with their wings. As I was flying and wondering why it is that God allows us to get in airplanes and take off to different places, I was reminded of what I believe is one reason.

You know when the plane finally reaches its cruising altitude and the plane levels off. If it is still daylight, then you have quite a view. The view is magnificient, and this is why I believe God lets man fly - we can experience His creation in a way that magnifies His glory. I don't know how anyone can get in a plane and look down and not know that there is a Creator, a loving God. How deep and wide and long is His love for me (and you). He created all of these things for Himself but also for me. For me, so that I might recognize Him, be drawn to Him. In essence so that He might woo me to Himself, and I would bring Him glory, honor, and praise. It is as if your husband were to bring you a bouquet of flowers or take you to a nice restaurant or whatever floats your boat in order to romance you - God does the same for each of us. How magnificient! How awesome! How wonderful!

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  1. Good post - and from Las Vegas! Obviously, flying is a "spiritual" experience for a lot of people, but yours was certainly much more contemplative than "God, please don't let this thing fall out of the sky like a rock!" Nice work.


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