Saturday, June 21, 2008

Silly faith

Yeah! I asked the "miracle maker" to fix my pedometer, and guess what, as odd as it sounds to ask for that, my pedometer is up and working, as good as new! I love when God works in some way like that. I was totally dancing and saying, "Please, oh please, great magic miracle worker fix my pedometer" in front on my husband and kids. Then I started playing with it, and hey presto, it was alive again. And as silly as it seems, I believe God gets the credit for that.


  1. So have I told you that "I love you"!!! You are soooo great!

  2. I, too see/feel God's hand in the smallest of ways sometimes, and it makes me smile! People often have the impression that God is only there for the biggest of the big events that take place in our life. I adore the reality that my God and yours is around at all times (seeking parking places, hoping for a succesful nap, desperately searching for that needed ingredient while preparing your familys' feast :-) ).


I love to receive your thoughts. I am blessed and encouraged by them. May God bless your day today!


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