Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I am tired

It's late, and I should be in bed. But lately, I stay up too late, my babies wake me up too early, and I am just simply tired all day long, and then what do I do, stay up late again, and by the time I get to bed, I am wired and too awake to sleep. All this with out caffeine.

Generally I have required a lot of sleep all of my life. When others were pulling all nighters to study or partying all night in college - not me, I was sleeping, whether it meant pass or fail, with a couple of exceptions due to my friend and study partner, Kari.

But now I have two children, who are very young, 2 and 1 next week, so they have a lot more energy than me, and my two year old rarely if ever naps anymore. I think I require more sleep than she does.

This week, I am still tired from my Vegas trip, and each day has been a fun-filled packed day - Monday the park for a walk and you know, park stuff. Tuesday driving to my mom's for the pool, visiting my grandparents. Wednesday playgroup in Greystone. Tomorrow the library. I'm not sure I have the energy for it all. I like to get out for my adult sanity - to be around other adults too, and to give my daughter some social stimulation with her peers. My one year old is still too young for much of that to matter. I need some new library books for the kids, but I think we may stay home tomorrow. Enough is enough for this tired momma. I'm not much different than a tired cranky baby when it gets tired - it just fusses until it gets some sleep.

When I think of all that Jesus did as just a man, even God in a man's body, it is amazing. But even he had to withdraw and find rest in the Father. Father, grant me refreshing rest tonight. Quiet me with your singing, and let me once again find my strength in you.

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