Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beach trip

We went to the beach this past weekend from Sunday to Tuesday. The kids had a blast - they are both water babies. As usual we did not take enough pictures, but here are a few.

A & E both got in the ocean to swim or float for the first time. A has played in the sand several times now, but it has never been warm enough to swim. They loved it, even though it was a little rough at first. I was surprised how much E loved the waves. He also loved the sand like A does. He was a beach bum and took a nap on the beach! How cute! A got to sleep in a bunk bed - the bottom one - all by herself. This is the first time she's ever slept in a big girl bed, and she did great!! We were so proud of her. It was nice when we had Grandma to help us get to the beach because the next day we were all alone (just the 4 of us), and it was HARD work taking 2 babies and all our stuff to the beach!!

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