Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Things I've Heard Today

"Pup, Pup" meaning "cup, cup" by Pea, which is his rather desperate cry said numerous times a day.

"Rarrrr" by Pea when asked what the Lion says. "Chomp" by Pea when asked what the crocodile says as he claps his hands together.

"Mama, when it's my birthday, and I turn 4, I am going to wear these Grandmaw panties." Princess said of some rather large panties given to her by her Grandmaw.

"Pooh is dead. Now, Pooh is risen." Princess

"E____, I love you this much" stretching her arms out as long as they will go. "E_____, I love you right up to the moon and back." Princess

"Mama, I love you and daddy and brother to the sky and back." Princess

Some rather unfortunate things I've heard:
"That's what she said." Thank you, The Office, for allowing this wonderful phrase in my husband's everyday speak. Ugh!

"Crap" said by Princess when daddy tried to stop himself from saying it after she "hopped on pop"ed him. He actually does not say this often, so he says, but she picked up on it anyhow.

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