Thursday, January 22, 2009

A few things...

Just a list of things:
  • Pea has started not wanting to go to bed at night, but it's never problematic, he just cries for a few minutes and then finally settles down. My thought is that he realizes he is becoming a boy and is not a baby anymore. He never actually cared to be rocked, except for when he was a tiny baby. Now he asks me to rock him, and he doesn't ask daddy to do it, just me.
  • Pea doesn't want to try to walk down the stairs either. He wants, if at all possible, to be carried down the stairs. I think this is funny, because when Princess was his age, I was big with child, and she rarely got carried.
  • Somehow or another I taught Princess how not to spit out her food for something else better to eat, but for the life of me, I don't know how to teach this to Pea. Though she is very picky now, she was less picky than he always has been. She liked variety, which is not necessarily true now.
  • When we go to the store now, as in a bookstore, Princess will tell Pea that "mama said you could only look at one. No, finish that one." She is always mothering him and is usually kind, though you can imagine that this is not always true.
  • Pea goes 300 mph, and Princess only goes 5 mph, meaning both that she has a great attention span and also that it takes her at least 3 times as long to obey or do something I ask her to do than it should. Pea has a short attention span and never stops moving.
  • Pea likes to shriek loudly and hit anything in sight if he does not get his way. He is quick tempered. He reminds me of my dad, and even though I did not know my dad as a child, of course, he is like what I imagine my dad to have been when young. He is becoming more difficult and Princess is becoming more tame. I will not hold my breath for this tameness to be permanent however.
  • Every Sunday night, we attend a life group from our church at the Fisher's house. The kids are watched by sitters, and I expectantly wait to learn something new that Princess has learned while there, mostly songs. She learned the Alligator song there, and this morning, she started singing, "Going on a bear hunt." It takes several weeks, but over time, she teaches these new songs to me and Daniel. They make us giddy with excitement. It is quite fun to see what someone else has taught her.
  • I have started the Beth Moore "Esther" bible study (it's tough to be a woman), and it looks to be quite good. I need structured study, so I don't mind the extra time it takes to complete each lesson. The only problem is that I have to stay on track or I won't catch up at all.
  • Having two kids has become less overwhelming, so if I had to, I think I could throw in a third.
  • I love Lost, and since this is the first time it has been on since I started blogging, you will probably hear me talk about it sometime.
  • Even when I complain about being unhappy or lonely, it is because I do not have time to process my thoughts and emotions until I write or because I've let them simmer, and mostly because I'm a sinner who doesn't always put God first where He is supposed to be. This is the happiest time of my life, and I loved college, but I am more fulfilled as a wife and mother.
  • I am learning to walk in faith like those who have gone before me.
  • Daniel is into basketball. He has 2 games this week. And he refs upward basketball on Saturdays. We like to go watch him, though trying to get Pea to sit still is entertaining (or frustrating depending on my frame of mind).
  • Daniel, Princess, and Pea think I am the greatest thing on the earth, but I often don't know why. God sets the lonely in families, whether married or single. He is a good and gracious God never failing to be merciful and great.


  1. I am glad you decided to keep blogging. I may not comment all of the time but i am reading. You are a very good writer and you have fabulous things to say so "thank you" for truckin' on!

  2. I had to laugh...Levi is my 5 mph child and Kara is my 300 mph child. I can totally relate!!


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