Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stinky Cold Season

Pea has had a cold for 5 weeks now, though it has not been the same one the whole time. Apparently he has caught different strains of the cold virus. The first one was minor. The second one was major, which left him clinging to me for a week. The third one developed this weekend. The kids stayed with the in-laws, and Pea came back with weepy eyes with a thick mucus too. So I called the doctor, and the nurse called in some eye drops for conjuctivitis or eye infection due to the cold. He felt fine, but looked so sad. Luckily the eye drops worked like a charm. Unfortunately, you have to continue to give them even after the eyes clear up, and Pea hates them. I can't blame him when we are the only ones torturing him now - the cold is virtually gone in his eyes.

Daniel says that Pea is our sick child. Perhaps that is true, but honestly, he's only had very minor illnesses. I am trying to be thankful and think positively at all times, so instead of saying that he is our sick child, I am going to give thanks for the health that he has. I am going to give thanks for the sweet hugs that he needs even when I don't know how to hold him and hold sister too. I am thankful that I have 2 children who I can hug! And, I am thankful that he is well at least for this moment in time!!

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