Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Go Blog!

Okay, thanks to everyone who has left a comment telling me their opinion on whether I should quit blogging or not. Though there will probably be a lot of times when I don't have anything to say, I cannot quit blogging. I love it too much, and even when I open up myself wide open which is very scary to do, I don't know that I would find quite as much enjoyment if I just wrote it privately as I do publicly. Call me crazy that I like to martyr myself for your enjoyment and mine too. But, there is at least one that I write for so she can know more about this walk with the Savior I have. Maybe one day we will find time to sit down and have that conversation even though I am a little terrified.


  1. I am SO glad that you are going to continue to blog. Tonight is the first night in almost a week that I've been able to check - or you know I would have written at your first request! I LOVE to read your blog - read about your thoughts and feelings - read about Princess and Pea. I miss you like crazy and this blog helps me feel connected. Anyway, I am VERY thankful for you, your friendship - and your blog!!

  2. quit blogging? what did i miss? why would you do that?


I love to receive your thoughts. I am blessed and encouraged by them. May God bless your day today!


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