Monday, January 19, 2009

Good bye?

Well, I am thinking about ending this blog, or at least making it private. I have been bored and thus boring lately with almost nothing to say, but bible study is starting back up on Tuesday which is sure to help provoke thought, so I'll just hang tight until then.


  1. i like reading your blog, Jamie...when I remember to read it. Don't take offense, I forget to check my husband's blog!

  2. Absolutely no offense taken... :)

  3. I will be absolutely heartbroken if you don't write any more....I mean I might actually have to focus on school work if you quit and what fun would that be???

  4. I can certainly relate to your blogocidal contemplations. My blog likely isn't going down anytime soon, but sometimes I feel like it should.

    I am not going to encourage you to keep blogging, because it is such an individualized thing (i.e. ambition, desire, motivation), but I will encourage you to keep writing in some format - I know you realize the value in it.

    I see you have followed up this threat to end your blog with three quick posts. I guess you're feeling more pro-blogging?

  5. If you go private, let me know. I have to warn you, though, I'm not as good about checking private blogs since they fall off google reader, but I will try!

    don't quit! You'll be thankful you have these memories of the times with your family several years down the road.


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