Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My 2 Year Old Cinderella

Lately, my 2 year old has been obsessed with getting married and finding a husband. I was not quite ready for her to be thinking of this at 2 years of age. My sister introduced her to Cinderella, and every since then, she LOVES her. She pretends to be her all of the time. Of course, Cinderella needs a prince - she is "maweed" and therefore A thinks she needs to be "maweed" and have a husband too. Since daddy is already taken, she decided to take Tigger for her husband (under my very best advice). Anytime she dresses up, this is how it goes. "Mommy, let's get Tigger - he's my husband." She dances with him, and he "helps" her wherever she needs helping, and it is really cute and sweet. Hopefully, Daniel and I have the marriage she would one day want to have too.

Having a 2 year old, despite all of the hardships of the terrible twos is wonderful, delightful even. We are now able to have conversations, and everyday I am absolutely amazed at how much she knows and remembers. One of the things she said this morning was, "Abbe is sad." I asked her why, and she said "Because all of her cake is gone." She and I had made a special cake for my friend Abbe, but I kept a little bit of it since we had made it together, and it turns out that we had just eaten all of it yesterday, and today there was no cake, and A was sad.

I suppose this is scary too, because she is a little sponge. Last night, we made the mistake of flipping on the TV while "Million Dollar Baby" was on. Even though, she never saw anyone fighting or hitting one another, she picked up on what was going on, and proceeded to pretend to box - first me, then Daniel, then brother, and when all of us were found unacceptable, she resorted to teddy bear. This was a very serious thing, but it was also absolutely hilarious and hard not to laugh while she did this. Sometimes I think there is nothing as important as this wonderful time I have with her, even if the house stays dirty. Yet, reality says I must attempt tidiness, but I am jealous of this time I have with the kids and do not want it to be taken away by routine chores.


  1. I love it! So cute! You'll have to tell that story when she gets married for real.

  2. awww this is tooo cute! She is so funny now! Just like her aunt jenn with a fascination with cinderella and getting married...


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