Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Shoe King

Having a baby boy is quite different from having a baby girl. As his God given personality, E is just so much more laid back than A is or was at his age. And there are days when I have to wonder if this has made me a worse mom to him. He is just so less demanding that I think he gets less attention, though the truth is that I love him so much, and I really do not want to have to choose how to divide my time between my two sweeties. On the days that I think about having more children, the thought that I could not spend enough quality time with a third nips it temporarily in the bud. Anyhow, E is a lot more active than A, although she was quite a mover herself. He loves to play with doorstops, big long objects, like rolling pins and the handle from my magazine basket, and shoes. The biggest shoe is the best shoe in E's opinion. He tries to carry them up and down the stairs - this is his favorite activity - though he hasn't mastered going down the stairs yet. Yesterday, I made the mistake of showing him how to get down the stairs, so now he wants to do that too, of course, even though technically, he is not ready to do so. Now that he has started pointing, it is a lot of fun to know more about what he wants and needs. Being able to communicate more and more is so much fun. He doesn't talk much yet, but I will be so excited when he does. I cannot believe he is already almost one!

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