Thursday, December 30, 2010

The rest of my joys

It is time to finish my joys.  Here I go...

80.  Our tree after Santa Claus had visited...

81.  Baby's first Christmas...

82.  The mess afterword...

83.  A white Christmas...

84.  My sister had to work on Christmas day this year, so for the last two years we've gone to Daniel's family for Christmas.  We dropped off some goodies at one of the local hospitals.  Perhaps we will make it a new tradition.  I have never seen the hospital so empty, which is a good thing for Christmas, but it was interesting to see people who were spending their day there as well.

85.  Princess catching snowflakes on her tongue...

86.  Speed Racer transforming into Optimus Prime and watching the snow...

87.  Re-watching Princess's and Speed Racer's choir performances...

88.  Playing with cousins...

89.  My sister had a miscarriage this week.  A friend shared this at just the right time on facebook.  All the words were gone, but this song adequately expressed how I felt and all that I wanted to say to my sister about her wrestling with God.

90.  We went to the McWane Center.  The kids got to carpet skate, catch fish in the ice, and slide down the ice slide (I did too - it was fun).  Then we went to Grump's Great Grill - a treat for my husband.

91.  A date with my daughter to the grocery store and the Christian book store.  I found a neat little prayer book that I hope to follow this year, as well as a few things that seemed to call out to me.  Princess and I had fun together.

92.  Basil pecan grouper and a family dinner out together.

93.  A spend the night in our bedroom with the kids.

94.  A trip to the library and new library books.  Reading them out loud.

95.  A haircut and a discussion with the stylist.  I was wishing I could have her hair.  She has beautiful long hair, and I do NOT have the texture of hair to pull it off.  Mine is very fine.  I've always wanted long luxurious hair, but alas, I can never have it.  Then she opened up to me reminding me that I am able to have good uneventful pregnancies, and thus three children.  She said she always wanted a 3rd child, but she had horrific pregnancies, having to be on bedrest and being blessed to make it alive through them.  Count it all joy was the message I received.  Who cares if I have fine hair or if date nights are rare?

96.  Sharing old things to us as new things to others.

97.  Leisure time - having my husband at home as resulted in leisure time.  When could I take this much time to write a post in real life?

98.  Making biscuits from scratch.  This morning as I made biscuits I did it like granny did.  I was probably 8 or so the last time I made biscuits with her yet my memory still served me to do it like hers.  This gave me hope in my parenting of my sweet ones, that perhaps something would keep with them.  Jesus and biscuits - my biggest memories of my granny.  Baking = Granny = Jesus.  How I miss her, but there is joy knowing she lives on through what she taught me to teach my kids.

99.  Knowing that a past pain may provide hope for someone else in pain.

100.  Christmas will finish up for us this weekend with my mom and sister.


  1. Hey sweet girl! I am glad that y'all had a great Christmas. My grandmother had that same biscuit cutter! Brings back some good memories for me too my friend.

    I will say a prayer for your sister.

  2. I love this!!
    I just got two boxes and WOOT! So awesome, my friend. What a blessing. As I type this, the girls are stripping down and trying things on! :) THANK YOU! Best wishes for a new year...


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