Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Joys 52 - 55

52. The time I spent with my sweet friend, Levi's Mom, on Saturday. Yes, I'm forgetful and should write these down as soon as they happen.

53.  Spending time talking to a friend about God and the way He is working in her life through her voice disorder.

54 - 55.  Daniel, Princess, and I were talking in the living room before she was to go to bed.  I had asked her what she wanted to do on her Christmas break.  She loves school and would rather be at school, so I was trying to get her excited about being home with me, since I am very excited about it.  Daniel asked her if she knew who else was going to be home for Christmas break.  The answer was him because he will be off for about 2 weeks {54}.  She then proceeded to say, "Daddy doesn't go to school."  I said no, but where does he go?  She then said, "He goes to stinky work."  I said, "Why is it stinky?"  Her own answer and idea, "Because there are lots and lots of stinky boys there" {55}.  (Daniel works in engineering office with mostly men, and when asked about them he often tells stories of men passing gas because of the lack of women in the office, so there you go.  My daughter is smart and observant.  We had fun laughing over the irony of her answer.

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