Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joys 76 - 79

76.  New photos, learning to edit photos (I don't have any fancy software - just used a free site online), ornaments - old and new, and baby's first Christmas.

77.  Sweet little baby Jesus

78.  Going to a new restaurant - the Olive Branch in Cahaba Heights.  The food was delicious.  The restaurant was small and not really kid friendly, even though they do have a kid's menu.  Daniel and I went with Doodle Bug, and with a high chair at the table it was a little cramped.  It is definitely not the place to go if you want privacy - not enough space, but the overall atmosphere and taste of the food made up for the lack of space.  The light coming into the restaurant made me want to take pictures galore, but I couldn't feed the baby and take the photos I wanted.  Here are a few from our trip:

79.  I've been asked to knit a blanket for use as a photography prop in a manger for use in next year's Christmas pictures.  I'm SO excited!

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