Sunday, December 5, 2010


The Christmas season is supposed to be a joyful season, but many times, I find it a stressful difficult season.  Sarah Markley has decided to count her 100 joys during this season to find in the corners of every day what makes her joyful.  She's opened it up to the twitter and blogging community, so I've decided to join her.

It's in the middle of the night, and I was not especially joyful yesterday, so I am looking intently at my yesterday for joys.

1.  I am joyful for my husband who cooks special breakfasts on weekend mornings.  And crunchy bacon, and little hands to eat it and beg for more please.

2.  I am joyful for cakes and cupcakes.  My daughter turned 5 on Thursday, and time seems to move faster and faster with each passing day.  I must slow down and enjoy her now before now is tomorrow and I am old and gray.  She is getting more mature and more used to herself and the ease at which she is becoming makes me smile.

3.  I am joyful at watching my sweet ones stare intently at the big screen at the movie theatre.  Today we went to see Tangled, and the children were moved by the magic on the screen.  I am joyful that though God was not intended to be in the movie, I found him there anyhow.  I find joy finding Him hiding in little places like that, as though we are playing hide and seek; I am counting and He is running and giggling as I seek and find Him, and then we reverse roles, and He finds me as I hide.

Tomorrow, I will be more intentional; forget about the worries and choose to not worry about the important things I haven't done and do them instead.

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