Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Writing, Blogging, and Such

Since I have started blogging, I have started taking the art of writing itself more seriously. Writing helps me to wrap my arms around my thoughts and emotions, instead of letting it all swirl around and around in my brain and never letting them get fully processed. If you've been following my blog for at least a month or so, you know that I entered a writing contest, of which I did not win. So I asked for feedback - I am happy to know that it was just the mechanics of my writing that held me back, but I am also sad that this is the case too. I was very grateful to receive any feedback, but also slightly embarassed about my mechanical errors. Do you think I write engaging pieces? Why do you, my friends, keep reading this blog? Is it because you are intrigued by my life? Are you emotionally attached to me in some way already? I would actually like to capture new readers and therefore, write to the best of my abilities.

Actually, in another life time, I was a bit of a perfectionist, so I would not have posted anything until I had read and reread it 50 times at least, but as a mom, I just have a few minutes to work on a post each day, and I want to give you something to read, so I post what I've got even though it doesn't always flow like it should or is not always grammatically correct. Anyhow, since I'm practicing, I thought I might from time to time take posts and rewrite them. If you see the same thing written differently, please let me know which post you prefer. Thank you for reading my blogs, and please accept my apologies for lack of time to give you the best posts. I plan to rewrite my contest entry one day, so please give me feedback.


  1. I haven't been the best about checking your blog, but I've been better recently. I guess I read it to sort of keep up with you. Josh reads it more faithfully than me and we'll talk about it sometimes. I also like to see the pics. :)

  2. dun dun dun dah! Now I think I know who you are guac n' roll!


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