Monday, November 17, 2008

Pea's Firsts

Pea got his first haircut today. Actually that is not true. Last week he got a wiki-stick stuck in his hair, and we had to cut it out. But the pictures show the result of his first official haircut. We went to Sweet & Sassy.

I didn't take pics while he was getting it cut, but these show you the finished result. It was getting long in the back and on the sides. Princess was already getting hers cut, so I thought, "Why not?" As soon as the stylist started cutting, I thought, "Oh no, he's going to look like a little man not a baby anymore." Luckily for me, he still needs some more in front, so all is well. Perhaps I am a bad mom - I'm not big into giving lots of candy, but since Princess had hers cut and had gotten her sucker already, Pea also got to eat his first sucker while he sat in my lap and got his hair cut. He really thought that was awesome - I guess next time I need him to be still, and it is not for a picture, I'll pull out a sucker.

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