Thursday, November 6, 2008

I know He's alive

because He nevers fails me when I cry out to Him. In the course of my life, I have seen God work many times in the small things of life. I don't always see His work in the big picture or bigger things of life, but I know He's working for how He answers the "small" things.

Today I had to go down to Children's Hospital. My mom is having a yardsale on Saturday, so I've been cleaning out my house deciding what to sell and do away with. I had not gotten rid of my old Thirty-One items yet, so I decided to sell them to other consultants. One of the ladies who purchased some of my items works at Children's. We had finalized a price, and I had emailed her about meeting, and then today she just left me her number to call her when I got there. Well, I rounded up the kids, tucked them into the car and began my drive downtown. Very early into the trip, I decided to call her to tell her that I was on my way, so she would know that it would be roughly the same time I had emailed earlier. So I stayed on hold for 15 minutes and was going around Red Mountain when I was cut off. I called again and then preceded to wait 10-15 more minutes, and by this time, I had made it to Children's. A second time, I was hung up on. So, before I called a third time, I said, "God, please let someone other than the answering/waiting system answer - a real live person. I am downtown in front of the building, and I don't want to wait here all day with the kids in tow." So ring-ring, and yes, a real live person answered. Praise the Lord!! I always see the results of this type of prayer, and I believe He wanted me to share with you.

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