Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Valleydale's Big Give

We go to Valleydale Church, and I have been so extremely proud to call myself a member of this church the last few weeks. I have got to admit there have been times that I did not know what I was doing there but kept plodding along because God told me to. God is truly using our pastor to speak to us, and the culture is truly changing. We are about the truth of the gospel being lived out, and I am so excited and proud to be a part of this. Every Sunday I get so excited about how I will be encouraged to be Jesus to someone. I no longer just know but feel and see that I am a part of the body of Christ reaching out to others, and I feel connected.

This past Saturday our church participated in the Big Give. Our class went to a fire station, an assisted living facility, and passed out gift cards at Wal-Mart. The response from our church family and from those who were blessed has been overwhelming. I am again so proud and so encouraged. :) This is from an email from our pastor which summarizes what we did during the Big Give on Saturday.

Last Saturday (Nov 22nd) at our "Big Give" over 300 Valleydalers saw first hand how truly happy Thanksgiving could be.

Imagine a total stranger bringing you a washing machine when you knew you couldn't afford to replace your broken one. Or wondering how you were going to pay your day-care bill because your husband had just died - only to find out it had been paid by someone you didn't even know.

Our folks raked yards, thanked firefighters, and provided gift cards, groceries, home repairs, a new roof, a handicap ramp, clothing, bedding, and shoes to people in need. Visits were made to assisted living and nursing homes, Bibles were given during visits with inmates and parolees, and Christmas gift-wrapping paper was distributed at an area store.

The "Big Give" was a big success! Thanksgiving has a new meaning around here; we're changing our culture. "Give and it will be given to you," (Luke 6:38).

I am so glad to be a part of the body of Christ and proud to be united with

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  1. That is so very cool! Congrats to your church for reaching out!


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