Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Storyteller

Princess has become a storyteller. While she is eating, she usually sees something in her food in the shapes that it makes. Yesterday, her raisins were bunched together, and she saw a house. Today, it was a triangle corner of her bread, and she saw a house. But today she told me a story about it, and this is my retelling it to you, because I thought it was fascinating and incredibly insightful for her age. I don't even think I will tell the story as well as she did, but the details I give are the details she gave me.

There was a house, and no one ever went in because the doors were closed. But one day there came a storm, and it was a great big storm, and then there came a big rain cloud. The rain came and it rained and rained until it flowed out of the great big windows of the house. Then the house went away to God (she lays the bread down as if the house died). And in the sky came a rainbow. Then the house came back, and this time the doors were open!
Isn't that a great story - I think so!

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  1. That is a great story. I think I found you through Mom's Ministry and More, but I am not certain.

    I live near Birmingham - near Odenville, so hi neighbor (well, sort of :).

    I couldn't help but think that her house is the church. Hopefully, a storm will not need to come before we wake up ...


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