Friday, July 16, 2010

Weight Loss

So since I've had Doodlebug, I've been trying to lose the baby weight.
With Princess, I gained roughly 30 lbs.   Lost it, gained about 5 back.
With Speed Racer, I gained only 25 lbs.  Lost it and the extra 5 to my original weight and then another 3 lbs.  Sometime or another I gained the 3 back plus 7 more.  So I was roughly 7 lbs more than the weight I usually hold steady at when I got pregnant with Doodlebug.  With her, I gained 25 lbs.

After I had her I lost 17 lbs in the first few weeks.  And then I joined weight watchers and started regularly exercising on the wii fit.  In 10 weeks on WW, I have lost 13 lbs and 13 inches all over!  I am 3 lbs shy of the weight I like to hang around out.  I am hoping to lose 13 more.

Finding time to exercise with small kids around is hard, but since I've actually been exercising, I have felt so good.  I am more motivated than I ever have been.  I did not exercise regularly beforehand.  I had this strange idea that I had to cater to my children at all times of the day, but now I realize that it is good for them to see me get up and move and they even attempt to do it with me sometimes.  So this post is here so you can ask me if I am still exercising.

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