Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Days

Daniel has been under the weather this week, so last night I took the kids on a mommy date for pizza.  I thought they were going to get free slices, but when I got there, I found out you had to buy two adult meals for any free slice.  We decided to go there anyhow.  While we were there, the kids and I waited patiently for our food.  When his drink and food came, Speed Racer said thank you both times with no prompting by me.  Later a nice lady stopped to tell me that I had the most polite children.  Any time you receive a compliment on your child's behavior, it is grand.  Because it is not only a compliment to them but to all of your hard work.  And yes, I know how secretly they really behave at home, but one can revel in the small accomplishments when they come.  When we were halfway finished with our meal, Speed Racer yelled, "I've gotta go potty!"  So all of us got up and went to the potty.  When we returned to our table only two minutes later, our food was gone and the hostess was finishing with cleaning the table.  I looked horrified, I am sure, because my kids were still hungry.  She realized what she had done, and then we had to wait patiently all over again to eat the rest of our dinner.  All in all, it was a very long dinner and I was glad that the kids waited so patiently to eat.

Today I wanted to take them out to the park or something, but when I walked outside I decided we would stay here.  Too hot to be at the park for long, so I decided it would take more time to load them into the car than we would actually stay and play, so we stayed at home.  I wish we had a big pool to hang out at all the time, but we do not. Anyhow, we decided to play ROAR and Hide n Seek, and we had the best time.  It was full of lots of giggles, laughter, and fun, as well as boos and scares.  I love playing with my kids, but now that Princess and Speed Racer play so well together, I don't get to play as much.  Plus, I can easily get distracted by my house duties when they start playing.  My love language is quality time, however, so when I get to play, I feel loved by them and feel that I am showing my love to them more than I could any other way.  So today was fabuloso - one of the wonderful things about summer.

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