Saturday, June 20, 2009

The A/C

has been out for what seems to be a really long time. Yesterday, I had a biopsy, which appears will be good results. I will know for sure in the coming week. But after I got home, my kids were at mom's, and Daniel went back to work, and it was just me and the A/C repairman. He worked, while it got hotter and hotter. It actually got up to 90 degrees in here. Having no one to care for and nothing in particular to do was actually difficult and the raising heat did not make it any better! I watched a movie. I worked puzzles. I put on my swimsuit and went outside (the cooler option). I paced. I did not look at the computer much yesterday. It just seemed too hot to do. Finally after working all day, the A/C began putting out cool air. Praise the Lord for A/C!

The A/C was out for a little over 2 weeks! In the beginning we called a familiar company to come and fix it, but they gave us an estimate of $1600 for one solution and $4000 for the suggested all purpose solution. We said thank you, paid our $85, and began looking for other solutions. Daniel was given the name of a family friend who works on air conditioners, so he decided to call him, even though my sister in law had warned me not to. I followed along with what my hubby had decided. The family friend came out, replaced the part, and lo and behold, the A/C still did not work. Then he came the next day, replaced the unit for free, and lo and behold, the A/C still did not work. He came the very next day to recharge the freon, and still, the A/C did not work. Oh my! Then he decided that the original part had been defective, ordered a new part, and sent someone else out a whole week later.

I was actually very patient although not fully supportive of Daniel's decision to use this man. In the middle of VBS, I was HOT and tired and lost it one night. Okay, not so bad, but not wonderful either. However, when somebody would ask about it, I would tell them the whole megillah (the whole story for those of you who have not studied Beth Moore's Esther). Many women would say things like, "Well, I would not be as patient as you." Despite being somewhat patient and even submissive to my husband's choice, I was still undermining my husband's decision by telling the whole story and my hesitation with his choice. After the first week was over, I began to realize that even though I was being somewhat patient, I had still hurt Daniel by not supporting him 100% in this decision. There was little I could do in the way of taking back my words. No, the damage had been done, and all I could do was really support his decision.

Anyhow, I learned a lot about being Daniel's helpmate in the way of supporting him this week, because I made a bad decision. Some would say he made a bad decision. Maybe he did, but it was his bad decision to learn from, just as I learned from mine. There is more to the story about the fixing of the A/C which includes Daniel doing some of the work himself, but hey, I am one cool momma right now.

Lord, help me to build up my husband and not to tear Him down.

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