Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Okay, so just in case you didn't want to read about a poop accident, you saw in the title what this one was going to be about.

Tonight we went to Costco, and when we got home, I had to discipline A. While I was doing that, Daniel went to change E. I go upstairs, and Daniel tells me, E is in his room and I just changed his diaper. He makes a point to tell me that he has a clean diaper on, so I tell A to go upstairs because we are going to get ready for bed. She is taking off her clothes and putting on her jammies. E is crawling around and walking, with his clothes hanging loosely as Daniel did not button them up after he "diapered" him. Then I noticed him doing a #2, so I go to get him to change him and put his jammies on when yes, I find that he has no diaper on whatsoever!! Oops! I was just wondering if these things ever happen to anyone else?

BTW, E has started walking pretty good these days. And A is almost potty trained. The whole potty training thing has taken us a long time, maybe we started too early, maybe not early enough. But we are finally getting somewhere. I'm certainly no expert!

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