Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kid's updates and favorites

A has been attending church camp, Session 2. This is the first time she has attended anything "formal" in the way of preschool or serious child care. It is only 2 days a week for 3 weeks, and she will attend 5 of the 6 sessions, since we were at the beach for one of them. I have slightly mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, she is with kids her age with planned activities. On the other hand, reality says she is growing up, and I want all of her extra time with me before kindergarten. I mean she already does everything for herself because she is a "big gurl, mommy". And yes, doing these things - like dressing herself and going to the potty and climbing into the car, etc. are goals I had for her. E is all boy and I spend much of my time fixing the messes he gets into - when she was the same age I was able to stop them BEFORE they happened, not AFTER, so it is quite nice to have one that is able to do something for herself, if even a little bit. Of course, we do not plan for A to attend Mother's Day Out (MDO) in the fall, but I wonder if maybe we should. Her teacher has been singing her praises - she even thought was really 3. She says she is such a good helper and well spoken. (She should be with all the reading she does!!) I am so proud of her and want to give her the opportunities she needs to grow!

And I don't know what all the other mommies do with their time, but it is really hard to divide it among two kids. I spent every minute teaching A from the moment she was born, but I don't teach E the same way because he is different, and I fear I don't do as well of a job with him, though I can tell he catches on as well as A does/did just a little differently. I am sad because the kids are growing up fast, and I don't know if I will have any more. I would love to, but I wonder if I will be able to afford it. The third one will need more thought in the finance dept.

A is sleeping in a big girl bed now and stays dry in her undies, minus the #2 aspect of which she always manages to do when I am doing something for E.

A's favorite things right now:
  • books
  • dress up
  • Cinderella and princesses
  • brushing her hair and looking pretty
  • learning to write and read(?), markers
  • hugging and kissing E

E's favorite things right now:

  • Brown bear, brown bear by Eric Carle
  • Little One, God Made You (book)
  • Little Tykes vehicles
  • walking and running
  • hugs and kisses, especially for A
  • stuffed animals
  • pointing and making word sounds and some animal sounds
  • climbing up and down stairs
  • mainly, exploration of any kind!

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