Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do you have Eternal Life?

And what do you think eternal life is in the first place?

Let's back up and figure out what life is to begin with. If you look it up in the dictionary, you will find numerous meanings. I was a little overwhelmed with the number of meanings found on, but then it made sense. Because to me life is so much more than just taking a breath, and I am willing to bet that you would agree. Some say life is related to the amount of grandeous experiences that one has while alive - like visiting the most countries, or hiking Mt. Everest, or such as that. One might relate it instead to the number of football games that he is able to attend. Some may relate it to how many things and how much stuff one has. Or maybe some would say it is related to how much you give away to others. Some even relate it to how "good" you can be or are.

But let's face it, real life, while it can be full of many pleasures and comforts is full of heartaches and pain and suffering too, so I suppose life is that which we do everyday as long as we are living or alive, at least for the purposes of this blog. Is there hope for the suffering to "experience" life?

I got to thinking about all of this last week in preparation for "Life Connection" which is what we call Sunday school at my church. And even though, LC has come and gone, I can't seem to get this topic off of my mind.

Okay, so now that we know life pertains to each of us is individually and what we wake up and do, let's talk "eternal life." Eternal life is everlasting, never ending, infinite life. Do you have it? Do you want it? Do you believe it exists? And if so, what does it look like now?

I believe that there exists an absolute truth found in the Bible, God's Holy word, written as His love letter to every man. And in this Bible, which is composed of both Old and New Testament, it tells me how to receive eternal life. It says that it is received through Jesus Christ. According to the Bible, I believe he is the only way to eternal life. Stay with me until I get to the really good stuff.

I think that most followers of Jesus think of this eternal life as beginning after we die on this earth, even though we know we have "new life" (born again) when we accept Him as Lord, but it really begins when we accept Him, so NOW, as soon as you accept Him in your life.

I have a relationship with Christ, so therefore I have right now, this moment, eternal life. And if I have "eternal" life right now, it is something extraordinary, not something to take lightly or play around with. All of the sudden everything I do, everything I say, has meaning, has purpose, has great importance to somebody, and not just somebody, THE somebody of somebodies - GOD! Wow! And no, I cannot contain it - I must shout it from the rooftops. To have abundant, eternal life, even when everything seems mundane on the outside - that is extremely awesome, incredible and exciting. That is hope everlasting. Now, if you live a life of suffering, of sorrow, of sameness, there is hope for you too. You can watch TV all day (if that's what you do because of the circumstances life has given you) and still have abundant life. All of the trials I go through as a mom, every dull moment, can have meaning when I allow God to do His thing in that moment. John Piper says, "God is is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him." At this moment, I totally understand that statement!

So my takeaway if you've made it this far with me is this: if you are a follower of Christ, "make the most of every opportunity" (Col 4:5).

If you are not a follower, but you would love to have abundant, meaningful life - please ask me for more information. I want everyone to know this blessed, wonderful truth! Here is a link to more information. Please let me know if you ask Christ to be your Savior.

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  1. Well thought out and well written. I found the reminder that eternal life starts now, and is not just something for later, to be especially thought provoking.


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