Monday, June 13, 2011

Randoms Thoughts on Seasons of Women

I've been doing some thinking on the seasons of women as in my earlier post about which woman you are.  Although it was published on a Tuesday, I wrote it on a Sunday, and on Friday, I heard a radio program on Revive Our Hearts again about the seasons of women. You can check out the transcript here.

First of all, although I was quite happy to have a lot of interest in my Quiet Time for Little Ones post, I just want to point out that most everything I say here in regards to parenting in particular is not tried and true.  I am posting as I go along, and I don't know what all the pitfalls are or are not.  One thing that occurred to me after I posted was the issue of legalism.  What if your child gets up and does not want to have a quiet time right away?  I don't want a quiet time to be something that becomes a duty or a chore.  And although she started out quite excited, what happens when the excitement wanes?  I guess I feel a little hesitant to lead in an area that I am just learning and really know nothing about.  :)  I know that I have a few readers who have grown children who are grandmothers too.  To you, I ask you to please keep me humble and teach me when I am green.  Leave me a comment.  I would love to glean your wisdom, and I am sure the rest of my readers would too.

I am really enjoying having a friend who is single and I hope to make more friends in different life stages or seasons than my own.  I hope that more women of differing life seasons will take an interest in the classes we have at our church like the Titus 2:4 class (which I haven't made it to yet).  When I was single, for some reason it was taboo to have married friends, and when I got married, none of my single friends wanted to hang with me anymore.  I guess because at the time, we just didn't understand one another's lives and did not try to.  We just let the friendship die away.  Why in the world did we do that?  In the Revive Our Hearts program, a single woman named Carolyn said that she is not married but she is learning how to support marriage and family in the church.  One way she does that is by babysitting.  Hint hint to all my single and "married with no kids" friends out there....  But seriously, this got me to thinking about how I can mentor other women in different seasons to help them support biblical mandates for the institution of marriage, women as the keepers of the home, etc.  For example, when I was a single woman, I would have loved to have had someone teach me how to "keep house."  What a valuable tool for when and if I got married.

The other thing that I've been pondering is serving.  During this stage of life, life is mostly about caring for my little ones.  I have a hard time figuring out how to serve others if serving means someone must serve me by watching my kids.  There is not many service projects you can do with a 1 year old.  So at least for me for now, it seems like my most pressing ministry is my children.  But, I know I have readers who are more seasoned in mothering, having either older children, grown children, or are grandmothers.  If you have any suggestions about things I can do to serve in which I can take my children along, please leave me a comment so I and my readers can glean wisdom from you in this area.

How do you interact with and encourage women of differing life stages/seasons than your own?

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