Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Every Day

I am participating in Five Minute Friday over at Gypsy Mama, where you are given a prompt, write for 5 minutes and do not edit your work. Today's prompt: Every Day.


Every day God's mercies are made new.  We wake up, and there they are, right there, ready for the taking.  Ready for the savoring.  Ready to grab.  Only we don't know which ones we will need, which ones will prepare us for the day.  Oh, but He does.  The Father knows.  He has seen.  And so we rise and we give him the day, and He takes it and makes it His.  Amazingly, He prepares me for the day in a way that only He could have known.

Every day is an opportunity to bless, to give.  Every day there are needs and demands and challenges, and there is love, and hope, and dreams.  And every day He walks alongside us blessing, giving, meeting, loving, hoping, and fulfilling dreams.

Every day is a chance to feast off of the moment, to savor the good presence of the love and laughter in my home.  To savor the tears, the fears, the grace, the forgotten moments, the failures.

Every day I get to breath in the Breath of Heaven and taste His daily bread.

Every day.

Every. Single. Day.


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