Monday, October 3, 2011

Vlog Day 3: Ruth 1:1-2

Today we are looking at Ruth 1:1-2.

Additional reading:
Some helpful background information that I did not cover in my video:
  • Bethlehem means "house of Bread."
  • The time of the judges followed after Joshua's death.  Joshua was Moses's successor as the leader of the Israelites.  He led them into the promised land of Canaan.
  • Prior to this the Israelites had wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, and had seen many miracles:
    • Parting of Red Sea
    • Provision of manna
    • Providing water when there was none
    • Making water sweet when it was bitter
    • Allowing their clothes not to wear out
    • Crossing of the Jordan River
    • God's presence at Mt. Sinai
    • The Commandments
  • Under the period of the Judges they did not achieve success against their enemies when they turned away from God. 
Here is a map that shows where Moab is located in relation to Bethlehem.

Things to think about:
  • Have you ever turned away from God?  What were the consequences?  
  • What specific things did God tell you to do that you did not do?
  • Do you believe that God has specific plans for you?

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