Thursday, March 24, 2011

Diary of a Mad White Momma

And by mad - I mean absolutely crazy.  I thought I would give you the day in the life gone wrong but trying to do right.  There is a reason why the following paragraph runs together.  I started leading Esther and wanted to have a mini Purim celebration for the kickoff.  So here goes....  This is yesterday, March 23. 

Wake up.  Get out of bed ~6:55ish.  Did not do my daily bible reading right away.  My son is up and I hear my baby girl making noise.  I turn on the TV for my son.  I get in the shower.  I get dressed.  Get the baby, change her, nurse her.  Make lunch for my oldest two.  Wake up my oldest daughter.  Feed them breakfast.  Dress them.  Decide to attempt my daily bible reading.  Turn off the TV.  Get shoes on the kids.  Get back packs on the kids.  Take everyone to the car.  Buckle the baby in.  Wait for my son to buckle himself in.  Running behind on schedule.  Drive to the preschool and drop the kids off.  Realize I haven't eaten breakfast and drive to a drive through.  Eat and drive home.  Put the baby in the crib for a nap.  Finish my bible reading.  Look at the computer - facebook, bloggy stuff.  Back and forth emails about a meeting.  Text a friend about a meeting and remeeting.  Write an email about the bible study I started leading last night.  Make a worksheet for it.  Wake the baby.  Nurse her.  Go back to church.  Once again I am late.  Meet with a friend for a talk and reconciliation.  Feed baby cheerios and chase her around while we talk.  Talk on the cell phone and counsel as I drive to Homewood to pick up baklava, pita bread, and spanakopita for bible study.  Get something to drink.  Drive back to the church to pick up the kids.  At the end of the carpool line to pickup the kids.  Go home.  Feed baby.  Put baby down for another nap.  Kids play on the back porch.  See that the cookies I was going to make require overnight dough refrigeration.  Decide not to make them.  Decide to make them anyway.  Make the dough.  Refrigerate it.  Work on prayer sheet for Kurdish women.  Find maps of Persian empire, modern day Kurdish area, and modern day Iraq, Iran, etc.  Print worksheets.  Get dough out of refrigerator.  Roll it out.  Cut cookie circles out.  Place jelly in the circles.  Shape into triangle.  Repeat several times.  Cook cookies.  See that they totally fell flat instead of doing what they were supposed to since I did not follow the directions.  Let them cool.  Put the spanakopita in the oven.  Put my bible study materials into a bag.  Cut pita bread into triangles.  Get baby up.  Say hello to my husband.  Nurse baby.  Wrap up spanakopita.  Wrap pita bread.  Put baklava into bag.  Box up cookies.  Put into bag, along with hummus, pita bread, and spanakopita.  Drive to church for a meeting.  Once again - late.  Put stuff in bible study room.  Put stuff in conference room.  Get a cup of water and gather plates, napkins, and forks for food for bible study.  Take them to study room.  Go back to conference room for meeting.  Meet.  Leave early for bible study.  Go to the bathroom.  Hang out waiting for people to arrive.  Get video ready.  Have bible study where hardly anyone eats anything.  Watch Esther video.  Pray.  Depart.  Get video out.  Clean and pack up food.  Drink water.  Go home.  Eat a spanakopita.  Nurse baby.  Put her and oldest daughter into bed.  Come back downstairs.  Look at bloggy things, and write a guest blog on adoption you'll soon see.  Email it to appropriate folks.  Do more bloggy stuff.  My husband says he's going to bed, so I close the computer, and follow suit.

I was going the entire day - I didn't even eat lunch or dinner all because I was preparing for a bible study celebration in which no one celebrated.  And I spent no time at all with my kids or hubby.  Me thinks I will not do that again.


  1. awww Jamie! I so enjoyed the goods at the bible study! The others truly missed out!

  2. Girl, you know you never have to pull my arm to eat! You are a busy momma, for sure.

  3. You ladies are sweet, but the point was that I missed the point. Bible study, people, not food. Although food is synonymous with fellowship. :)

  4. You never know... folks might have really enjoyed your efforts and needed to hear what they heard at your Bible study....
    But yes, cooking failures also really bring me down, because I know I can do so much better!
    Hope you have a better day!


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