Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lessons from a Stomach Virus

Yesterday I had a stomach virus. It was a rough day for mommy because Doodle Bug also had a cold and I did not feel like getting up off the couch or moving or doing anything, and she was hard to entertain, for lack of a better word. My husband had a deadline at work, and he could not stay at home to help though he stayed home long enough to take Speed Racer to school and then came home when it was time to pick him up and then went back again. My mom was out of pocket going to the doctor and such. It was a little yucky. And while I wanted to be a little mad at my husband, I am just not in that place in my marriage, and I knew that if he could have been at home the whole day he would have been - he's that kind of dad and husband. Thankfully, my mother in law came over after work, but I was beginning to feel a little less yucky at that point.  I also had a very important meeting lined up for the day, but God had another plan, so I had to cancel it.

What could I learn from a stomach virus?

1. that when I am able bodied I do much more than I give myself credit for. I'm a good mom.

2. that I take for granted the things that my husband does for us as a family and me as his wife.

3. that kids get whiny when they need attention. (I already knew this one, but needed to point it out again.)

4. that my day is God's day - He's in charge of what goes down and how I experience things.

5. that I do not wonder enough in the beauty of my own life.  Sometimes I don't marvel in the wonderful blessings I am given such as a great husband and sweet baby cries and a mother in law to come help.  That I need to remember that others don't have husbands to come help.  Homes to live in.  Babies to comfort.  Bodies to use.  I often think about the material blessings I have but "forget" the immaterial blessings.  Today I count them too.

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