Friday, March 11, 2011

Project Simplify: My Wardrobe

I have been decluttering for at least two years now, if not longer, but I started really hitting my home hard in preparation for DoodleBug's arrival and presence in our home.  She's been here almost 11 months now.  And most of you know that I lost about 40 pounds after her arrival.  I would really still like to lose a few more pounds, but most of my clothing no longer fit as it was too big or it fit improperly.  When I saw Simple Mom was going to do Project Simplify, I wanted to jump on board.  I bought her book Organized Simplicity back in January.  I stopped reading it for a while as I thought about our family's purpose.  I was reminded of this book when a new friend said she was reading it and that I should simplify, so I was excited to find Simple Mom leading Project Simplify this very week.  Living simply, according to Simple Mom, is "living holistically with your life's purpose."  Really you cannot live simply if you do not know your life's purpose.  Here is our rough draft of our family's purpose:

As a family, we want to:
Glorify God in all we say, do, and are.

We will…
  • Be good stewards of the gifts God’s given us, including the gift of our bodies and souls.
  • Be kind and compassionate toward one another, speaking with gentleness and respect.
  • Have fun together as we continually learn new things.
  • Seek to share God’s love within the family as well as with people around us.
    • This means we will place God first.
    • We will seek to allow Him to prioritize everything else.
  • Live simply such that our things do not weigh us down.
  • Dare to express the Father’s creativity as He’s gifted us with as individuals 

This week the hot spot was our wardrobes.  Even though it will not appear as though I regularly clean out my closet, I do, but I had held onto some old clothing through all the babies and whatnot.  This time I decided it was time to let go of those things I had held onto that no longer fit.

Our closet - BEFORE
Our closet - AFTER.  My hubby hasn't done his half yet.
After - new space

T shirt drawer - over stuffed BEFORE (I don't even wear many T-shirts)
T-shirt drawer After
Loungewear / PJ's BEFORE

Loungewear / PJ's / Swimwear AFTER!
This is the summer drawer - overstuffed.  Hard to open and close.  BEFORE

Summer drawer - AFTER
The donation pile - 2 bags overflowing


  1. Amazing transformation. I love before and after photos, yet I always forget to take the before ones. I'm a new follower, please stop by and return the favor.

  2. Good for you, Jamie! Awesome, awesome job!

  3. Yay Jamie! I'm simplifying for Baby D and it's so refreshing!


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