Saturday, December 5, 2009

The New Baby

New Baby has gotten very little coverage on this blog.  I guess because I felt extreme fatigue my first trimester.  In the second trimester, I have been trying to catch up on work in the house that I totally gave up on as well as begin to make room for New Baby.  This has caused me some stress as I mentioned in an earlier post.  Three weeks ago, however, we had an ultrasound which determined we are having a sweet baby girl, that appears to be healthy.  Princess is super excited to be having a sister, and Speed Racer wants to look at the baby (my belly) all the time.  Princess hugs the baby, talks to her, and gives her sweet kisses.  Speed Racer also talks to his sister and is excited to be becoming a big brother, but he is a little uncertain about this as well.  He needs cuddling and his blankie more often lately, and hey, that’s okay.  He can be my little baby for a little longer.  :)


  1. Jamie,congrats on another girl!! So fun!

    Thank you for your participation and comments on my blog about the giving post. (You have cracked me up with them cause I feel your fire coming through the computer!) I love your heart that is sensitive to the Lord and that burns for Him and His work. Don't ever let go of that! You are an encouragement to me and I know you must be to those in your life too. God bless you, sister. I'm am encouraged to know we are on the same team.

  2. Hi Jamie!

    I saw you over at Moms, Ministry & More and decided to come see your blog. I quickly learned you live in B'ham. That's where I'm from as well. Grew up on the east side of town and graduated from HTH. You have a lovely blog, family and witness for Christ! God Bless You and your family!


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