Thursday, October 29, 2009

Max’s Delicatessen

Daniel is going out of town tomorrow night, so tonight we went out to eat.  He has been wanting to try a new place called Max’s Delicatessen, and we have coupons for it, so we went there.  I will leave an official review to my friend, Amarilys, whose blog is devoted to her thoughts on food and restaurants, but thought I would leave a few thoughts here.

Max’s is a hometown restaurant locally owned and operated.  When we arrived, we were greeted with a smile and were quickly seated.  The children were given Crayola crayons and a color page.  (Parents of small children know that restaurants crayons rarely hold up to little hands, much less mommy’s and daddy’s hands.  Crayola crayons are the mark of a good restaurant, in and of themselves.)  Then a veggie basket was brought to us, which included pickles (these were slightly different – not dill), raw carrots, raw celery, and ranch dressing.  Our drink order was taken and promptly brought out, and we were given plenty of opportunity to order quickly or not, to our needs.

Daniel decided to order the beef brisket, and I decided to order the sweet and sour stuffed cabbage.  (This was a dish my parents both used to make when I was younger, and I’ve not had in many years.)  Princess decided that she wanted to chili, and Speed Racer shared with us.  The dinners included soup, and Daniel got Matzo ball, and I got Chicken and Rice.  They came out very quickly and were very large in portion even though a side portion.

Then, our dinners came – Daniel got mashed potatoes and spinach for his sides, and I got mashed potatoes and fresh fruit for my sides.  The spinach was uniquely sautéed with onions, was obviously fresh, and tasted delicious.  My bowl of fruit was huge, very yummy, and also fresh – grapes, pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melons, and some watermelon. 

One of the co-owners brought out Princess’s chili, and when he saw it was for her, he told us that we might to sample the chili first saying it was very unique – a bean-less chili.  He took it back, brought a sample, Princess tasted it, loved it, and he brought it back with some freshly shredded cheese.  (I could pick up the cheese and feel its texture and know that it was grated in house.)  The dinner portions were once again large and everything served was very fresh and delicious.

The waitress took the kid’s colored pages and hung them up on the wall.  When we come back, if their picture is still hanging up, they are entitled to a free cookie!

Max’s does not serve the usual fare, but has a variety of items on the menu.  I found everything to be so fresh and delicious that I wanted to recommend it.  When we go out, we often only visit restaurants that have coupons.  Many times these restaurants are new or are struggling to survive, thus the need for coupons.  Many times these restaurants are no longer there when we finally decide to go back.  Because the food, service, and environment was truly excellent at Max’s, I wanted to give you and opportunity to see for yourself in hopes that it thrives and that you enjoy it as well. 

Now, I cannot wait to try one of their sandwiches or their breakfast.

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  1. Okay, now I'm completely hungry! Thanks for your comment at Internet Cafe. I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone with my potty training struggle!

    I noticed that you are teaching Me, Myself and Lies. I'm teaching that study in January at my church. Do you have any pointers? Are you enjoying it? How are you doing it online?


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