Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Random updates

Well, Sunday was a snow day. I did not take a single picture of it. At first, the kids hated it. They hated the snow on their hands and their hands freezing over. I thought, man, they are just like me. But after church they warmed up to the idea and got cold for a while with daddy while I grilled some sandwiches and made some soup to warm them up. :) As I write today, there is still a snowman in a yard down the street, but otherwise, the snow melted on Sunday. I wish I had taken pictures, but by the time, lunch was over, the snow was gone. It was beautiful. We kept the kids at church and got to watch it coming down.

Pea does not appear to be getting better, but I am hoping for a surprise and that the antibiotic is doing something. Today I went to take some trash out to the can. Pea and I had just finished putting the can out by the road, and I went in to drop Pea off and get trash to take back out. I closed the front door behind me and went to the curb. Before I knew it, Pea opened the front door and walked out the glass door too onto the front porch. He was about to come down the steps to get me when I saw him. I was so surprised to see him outside!! He feels so badly today, he wanted to be right by my side at all times.

I was teaching Princess to read and write. The material we started with put Princess in a funk, so I stopped and looked for a different approach, so we've been doing a workbook approach. She is doing SO good, and now she looks forward to it each day, even the writing, which she hated before. Today we began to learn how to use scissors. I am so proud of her. We have been having so much fun lately. I guess we are in a good phase right now. :)

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