Monday, March 16, 2009

I Can Do ALL Things...

"I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." Phil 4:13

I wonder how many of you believe that you can do all things because of Christ? This sounds impossible, yet the God we follow and believe in is the same God who allowed David to defeat Goliath, protected Daniel in the den of lions, saved Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego from the fire, and has saved His chosen people, the Jews, from emanate destruction countless times. If you follow Christ whole-heartedly or half-heartedly, you serve an awesome, mighty, powerful God.

I have found myself saying, "I can't do it." Last week I called my sister, and I broke down in tears because I felt so overwhelmed by all that I had to accomplish. I just wanted someone to help me do the simplest of tasks that in my mind were a feat too big to accomplish with two small children. Little did she or I know yet that her car had been broken into and her purse stolen with all of her credit cards and identification! This taught me a lesson. My sister was, before she realized her own problems, going to come "save" me. When I found out her problem, I knew I could not allow her to come help me - she needed helping!! It was apparent that I had cried out to the wrong person - not that my sister isn't great, but God was wanting me to cry out to Him. He wanted to be my Rescuer and hers too!

When I give every task to Him and allow Him to organize my day, I will not be overwhelmed. I may have to realize that what appears to matter may not really matter at all to God. I can do ALL the things that God has allotted for me to do! He has to be the FIRST priority of every day - time spent praying & time spent reading His love letter to me and to you (the bible) have to be at the forefront of each day.

So whatever adventure He calls me to, I need not wonder if I can, I know I can because He alone will give me strength.

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  1. This post is sooo true and speaks directly to my heart! Through all my trials that have been going on lately, God has shown me how he is teaching me to trust in him. Always look to the positive first and see the way He is blessing you and don't dwell on the negative! Thanks for the post and I love you ever soooo much! I will always try to be there to "save you" although I will never replace HIM! Love you and hope to see you on Thursday! Pray for my throat to heal so I don't bring sickness with me!


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