Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can Jesus Be in My Heart?

Today was a good day. We went to the park to meet an old high school friend of mine and her two little boys. We tried to talk about how hard it was to be a mommy but we were too busy chasing our kids to really talk. ;) We spent two hours there, had a picnic, and I literally really did chase the kids. Okay, I chased Pea, let Princess try to fend for herself and tried to keep an eye on her even when I was chasing Pea. Pea found a football and pretty much hijacked it until we left the park. When we got home, he took a 3 1/2 hour nap.

It was such a beautiful awesome pretty day that I suggested that we see if we could meet our friends Freddy and Amanda for dinner, and luckily they were able to meet us. Unfortunately, dinner took forever and the kids went crazy, but fortunately we were outside. It was great to spend the beautiful evening outdoors with friends we don't often see. I love spring, if you cannot tell. :) (It is the season for birthdays. ;)

But the best thing happened tonight. I put Princess to bed, and we read about Jesus choosing his apostles, and the story talked about praying for friends that do not know Jesus. Well, Princess mentioned that she should pray for her friend CE to know Jesus because she said that CE does not know Him yet. Then I told her that she did not have Him in her heart yet, and she asked me more about it. I told her that one day she could ask Jesus to come into heart. Then she prayed to God and asked Him to come into her heart. (I don't know if it counts for a 3 year old!?) Anyhow, then she said that she does know God. I explained that Jesus was in my heart and that Jesus was in daddy's heart. So then she wanted to know if there was plenty of Jesus. I said yes, that He could be in anybody's heart who wanted Him there. She wanted Him to be in her heart. Then she wanted to know how big God's love for her was. She concluded that His love was like the sunshine and that His arms are big enough to hold her. She was very excited about our whole discussion and so was I. God is so good, and it is so neat to see how God works in our children's lives.


  1. CE loves Jesus too!

  2. "Plenty of Jesus for everyone" Love it!!!
    What a sweet post


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