Monday, September 5, 2011

At all Costs

I wrote this blog post as an exhortation to myself.  However, I hope you enjoy it too.

One of the homework questions in my bible study this week got me to thinking:

Are you willing to obey God at all costs?

Here in America, I don't know if we know what costs can truly be associated with following God.  It is becoming more difficult to be a Christian here, but overall, we still go about our day forgetting that there are costs involved with following hard after Him.

Earlier today I was totally overwhelmed because I am writing so much.  I was worried about how to take care of my family, be a good friend, exercise, cook, clean, and all the other usual motherly and wifely duties, plus take on extra responsibilities.  I guess the weight of what I am doing hit me HARD.  Don't get me wrong, I have been so excited to be writing.  To be able to actually write as a service to God is awesome to me, because I love writing.  It means I get to use my gifts and talents for His pleasure.  What could be better?

However, writing a bible study requires more effort than blogging does.  I felt the crunch and pressure of getting it all done.  There is a cost with writing which is managing my time more wisely and saying no to time wasters like fb.  Sometimes, it has meant giving up time I didn't necessarily want to give up with my family, and that has been hard for me.  But, seriously....

People, I don't do a whole lot for God.  I live a quiet life.  I teach preschool once or twice a month.  And I am a stay at home mother to 3 kids.  Occasionally I lead bible studies.  But I don't have another ministry that I do regularly.

Some of us here don't even go to church because we don't see the need for it.  We feel we can make it on our own, and then there are people in other countries who daily give up their lives because they GOT to meet at an underground church to learn more about Jesus, in a place where it is illegal to worship and know Him; they GOT to read and savor the words inside the bible, while we often allow our american bibles to collect dust on a shelf.  Truly all we have is His, and He can take any of it away at any moment.  Why not give it back to Him instead?  Or serve Him instead?

Am I willing to give until it hurts?  until I have joined in the suffering that is His?
 At what cost are you willing to follow Him?

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