Monday, May 16, 2011

One God Same Message Different Person

I have this sense that I have lost my way in the blogging world, so just bare with me if I get to rambling or if this post really stinks.

I've recently realized something.  Something about transparency.  I love to read Rebekah Gilbert's blog:  A New Song to Sing.  She almost always writes what is on my heart before I have a chance to write it and most of the time I don't write my post, because she does such a great job, I just cannot imagine anything I write would get any better and I am not trying to copy or compete with her.  A few of the posts that she has written recently that really resounded with me are:  Good Girls and Not the Only Freak.  Go check them out.  I think you will be blessed.

Back to my point, I am working on a ministry project with my friend Nikol.  Right now I am in the research stages of the project.  And she and I have been reading different books about the topic we are researching.  I've looked at books at the library and the Christian book store.  I have found lots of books on the same topic.  However, each book is similar to the other one but is ultimately completely different because it is written by a different person with different life experiences.  So to me the point is this, I am to write whenever and whatever God lays on my heart even though somebody might be writing the same message in what I think is a better way.  Why?  Because I can reach a different audience and have a different way to share the same truth that would continue to touch and inspire in a new way, so I need to be faithful to continue to write and speak what the Spirit asks me too.

A couple of weeks ago my friend (I mention this with her permission) began to speak up in bible study class about something very dear to her heart.  One of the ladies in class interrupted her, and I joined in the interruption.  {funny because we are studying life interruptions.}  I had been struggling with feeling like my story and testimony were unimportant because my story seems like a story without much rebellion.  I had been thinking how could God use just an average person with no BIG sin or rebellion in her life - a person who continually feels insecure about herself and struggles with believing that God could see her as He does.  However God revealed to me that my "small" sins and insecurities were just as BIG as the other sins in the world - my scars and my pain just has real was the ones with the BIGGER sins - my need from Him just as GREAT.  As my friend and I discussed what happened we realized we had the same message to share only from a different perspective - transparency is vital, whether you've rebelled and need to share your struggles from the pain that it caused or because you haven't walked in blatant rebellion, but you've still sinned and messed up and you struggle with believing His truths to you.  Transparency is necessary and valuable no matter who is telling or receiving the message, each one of us have a responsibility to be real and genuine.  No Christian is squeaky clean, and no "squeaky clean" Christian is allowed to get away with not sharing either.  All have fallen short of the glory of God.  We all have pain.  We all have a need for one another and for Him.  We have to ensure that we make our time together as brothers and sisters safe and real.

My point: In Christ, we all have a message to share.  We have One God who carries the Same Message through the vessel of Different Persons.  Each time He has asks us to share, it is vital to do it whether or not we believe the story has already been written or not.

"Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."  James 5:16


  1. I just posted on something very similar today. {Glad to see we're #mym8 sisters.}

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