Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cordova, Alabama

All of the Happy Harpers are alive and well.  Last week we had some devastating storms here in Alabama, and we were without power for several days.  There were two waves of storms that day.  We awoke early on Wednesday morning and ran to our basement, and then we were trapped in our neighborhood for a few hours.  The meteorologists said that another storm situation was coming later on in the day and would be even more dangerous.  I had heard that a tornado hit my hometown of Cordova, AL, that morning.  I did not imagine that another one would hit it again, but it did.  I have a smartphone, and since our power had been out since 5:30 am that morning, the only way I kept up with everything was via facebook.  Friends posted that the downtown of Cordova was wiped out, and I was scared wondering if my grandparents were okay.  Quickly word came back that someone from town had seen them.  They were okay.  But their home was not.  It was totally destroyed.  Four people did die in this town as a result of the tornado that hit.

Cordova, Alabama, is a very proud but poor town.  Coming from Birmingham, it is like visiting another world.  In a sense I think people like myself grow up, leave, and forget just exactly how great the general need there is.  Even though I would visit my grandparents and see the need and not totally forget, I never knew what I should DO if anything about what I would see.

It may sound odd but I think this town is not evidence of God's wrath but of God's mercy on the people there.  Instead of letting this town be forgotten, He remembered them.  As in the song "Blessings" by Laura Story, "And what if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise?"  I have visited twice - once to hand out food and cold drinks, and both times to take in donations to help.  I am gathering up more to donate more.  I was amazed at all that had been given already, but know that there is still more need.

Cordova, you are loved and not forgotten.


  1. Awesome blog faithful sister in Christ!!!


  2. So glad your grandparents are okay. I have thought often about Alabama over the past week and a half, as well as each time I hear "Blessings" on K-Love. Living in Mississippi, I consider Alabama a sister state. : ) We sent a crew from our church to Bridgeport, AL yesterday. Praying for healing for your beautiful state!


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