Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dogwood Blooms

I think my all time favorite thing about spring is the dogwood blooms.  Out of the blue, there is a splash of color usually white, sometimes cream, sometimes pink, in the most unexpected of places.  Dogwoods are unique (at least in my eyes) in the way they hide themselves amongst other trees - small and unassuming.  But then their flowers display their full glory and presence.  I love them best before their leaves appear to hide the full glory of the flower.  The glory is only displayed for a short time - a week at their finest and most glorifying, and then the leaves appear.  By the time this is posted all of the dogwoods around me will be leafy.  The dogwood blooms remind me of God - appearing in the most unexpected of places, humble, yet magnificent.  The dogwood reminds me to worship Him, and I hope now they will remind you to do the same.

My photos are usually landscapes and close-ups.  I love the detail of the close-up and the big picture view of a landscape.

The glorious dogwood bloom - a gentle reminder of God

See how the dogwood just pops.


  1. Wow, your pictures are breathtaking! Love the Ephesians quote also, we quote Ephesians 5 in my classes alot, it always hits close to home as a wife. I found you through the blog frog thread and am your newest follower : ) Your kids are beautiful and so is your family!

  2. Dogwoods are so lovely indeed. Reading your post made me think of Magnolia trees - they are similar in their impact and brief display of amazing and evident beauty. Naturally, God's beauty is everywhere, all of the time in our life. Like these trees that always stand as they do, God is always there too. Most times it is with a quiet and dependable beauty, and we must pay attention to Him to notice. Other times, He grabs our attention with a smack > much like the sudden blooms on the tree.
    Nice visiting your blog! I love owls, and I LOVE GOD, so I'm glad I swung by! : )


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