Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Signing, Writing, and Reading

Doodlebug is officially crawling everywhere and pulling up and standing. Standing is her favorite thing to do. She is also signing "more" for us at meal times. She is very friendly and waves hello and goodbye. She has had a cold for 2 weeks, but is still so sweet even when she's crying and sad from a snotty nose and sore gums from teething. She does not have any teeth yet though.

Princess has officially started reading. She can really sound out many things, and it is exciting. I am glad that we bought her several little readers for Christmas. However, it is hard work for her and a discipline to learn, not just fun. What she considers fun is reading the pictures of books to Speed Racer, and it is fun to watch them sit and spend time together - her "teaching" him to read. Plus, he also tries to sound out the words like big sis does.

Speed Racer is learning to write his name from memory. He is starting to be less whiny and is learning to dress himself and to make his own bed.

A couple of people asked me if I am going to homeschool after my school post. We are not planning on that at this time, but I have to say that I miss just being with my kids and feeling responsible for teaching them new things as opposed to letting them learn at school and me supplement at home. If I did homeschool, my house would probably be less clean (and I'm not clean), but after feeling so passionate, I do feel curious about homeschooling. I miss my children. I like spending time with them. I like teaching them and learning more about them. Is this normal? I'm not sure. It seems we (other moms) all struggle with what to do with our time, between chores and the chaos of childrearing and cooking and being a wife. I know I don't waste all of my time with them, but some days I don't know what we've done together, and I find myself jealous for more time with them.

What do you find to be the most important things you do with your kids each day? So that we can learn from one another, please leave a comment and help me learn something new from your ideas.


  1. Well, I now have two of my 3 boys in public school and Z is in Mom's Day Out. I totally know how you feel about not spending enough "quality time" with them each day. I'm not sure if this is considered something I "do" with them but I always share my love with them. I tell them verbally, talk with them about their day and what happened, prepare after school snacks, read to them at night, pray with them etc. I love my boys and I always want them to know and feel that they can come to me about anything. Beginning when they are young, in that area, is so important for the rest of their lives!

  2. I love bathtime/ bedtime. It is so routine now that it runs smoothly and it's quite enjoyable. I love reading to the kids and now listening to Dylan read to me! I love praying with each of them and hearing their sweet messages to God. It's just precious.


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