Saturday, February 19, 2011

10 months, Valentine's, and teeth

This week welcomed DoodleBug's 10 month birthday, Valentine's, Princess lost her first tooth, and DoodleBug got her first tooth.  Now I am no photographer, so Sarah, if you see a standout photo, please say that's a great one!
My 10 month old DoodleBug - isn't she a beauty?

Princess lost her first baby tooth and already has her first permanent tooth.  The dentist had to pull it!

A small evidence of a tooth gap.
Just because I needed a photo of my son in this post.
A great place for a mother to be - surrounded by all of her babies in love.
DoodleBug's blanket is on Princess's head so that she doesn't pull her sister's hair!
Princess is reading us a book - one of 4 she read to us last night.
I love real expressions, don't you?  "Please stop taking my picture.  I'm grumpy."

But because I kept clicking, look what happened - he turned that frown upside down.  LOVE my man.
Before we were married, I lead my hubby to Christ.  For Valentine's Day, I received a thank you note.


  1. Beautiful post Jamie! What a treasure to have a handwritten note from your hubby:) Precious pics too of your babies! I think you did a wonderful job!!!

  2. That very first pic is a FRAMER!! What a beautiful family you have! And I teared up just at the THOUGHT of a thank you note from your hubby for leading him to the Lord. Wow!

  3. Doodlebug looks just like you in the first picture! Very touching that he wrote you a thank-you note!!


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