Monday, August 23, 2010

One fell off and bumped his head

The Friday before last, we decided to have a family night out at Chick-Fil-A.  We had not been there in a while at a time when the kids could play in the play area, so we decided to go, eat, and let them play, which is exactly what we did.  They ate, then they went to the playroom to play.  Princess came back out - she was the only big kid that day and the little kids were calling her a monster.  I jokingly told her to go back in and scare them.  She tried that and shortly came back out.  We never trade in the kid's meal toys for ice cream, but this day I thought we would try it.  Daniel was watching him from behind the glass - this particular CFA has a great view of the playground.  Princess and I had gotten ice cream, when Speed Racer comes screaming out of the playroom, "Mommy, I hurt myself!  Daddy!  Daddy!  Mommy, I hurt myself!"  . I begin to look at him.  He is crying harder and more than usual.  He is very whiny right now, but this was more than his usual whinyness.  I move his bangs and see a giant knot on his head which makes me want to lose all of my food.  I look at Daniel and tell him that we have to go to the hospital.  He is already getting Princess up and out.  I get Speed Racer's shoes and then attempt to throw some food away and then say to myself never mind.  So we get in the car and off we go to the after hours care.  Once we leave, I begin to call the after hours nurse to see what to do.  We keep driving to the after hours clinic.  I feel super sick.  We get to after hours.  Speed Racer does not want to go in.  We do.  The nurse finally calls me back and says that unless it is 2 inches across, the knot is not big enough to come in for.  So, she gives me some instructions to do to check for a concussion and then we head home.

We do not have pics of the knot when he first received it, but this is what he looked like as it has continued to heal:

Monday after the accident he begins to get a black eye.
Closer view
Tuesday after accident - he begins to get a 2nd black eye
Yes, it has looked a whole lot worse before it got better, and yes, I've gotten a lot of strange looks.

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