Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Favorite Things (Speed Racer)

Speed Racer might be a mess, but he's the most lovable little boy I know. What they say about boys and their mommas is true. I never expected that I could have as tender of a relationship with my little man as I do. I know that it will all change when he gets older and stops talking and communicating and becomes a man.

But for now, this is what I love to hear him say:

"Momma, I need you!" with arms stretched wide.

"Momma, can I tell you something?" What? "I love you!"

"Momma, I want you!" once again with arms stretched wide waiting for a hug.

"Momma, I need another one" talking about a hug or a kiss.

"Pow, Pow, Pow" with his finger pointed toward me and in an attack stance.

Millions and millions of questions - why this and why that? Okay mommy. I love you mommy.

And although I don't always appreciate it, it always makes me smile that Speed Racer can turn any inanimate object into a toy. His imagination always cracks me up. Anything can zoom, crash, pow, and be fun. And he is generally happy unless we happen upon a toy in a general store, which I will rarely buy him, and He fusses like a mad man. He is all passion, I must say. His enjoyment of life is contagious, and I am glad God blessed me with such a passionate boy who is so full of life and reminds me to be the same. He loves with all his heart and that is the kind of love God demands of us. I am excited to see where this energy gets directed as he gets older.

His latest attempt is to get mommy and daddy to buy him a Buzz Lightyear rocket ship. He came up with that idea after naptime yesterday for no known reason, and he thought daddy would change shoes upon getting home to take him to find his toy. When mommy left later, he just knew that today he would see a Buzz Lightyear rocket ship somewhere in our home.

We've never had a child make a toy list before, so we are crossing into new territory.

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