Monday, April 19, 2010

Firsts in the First Week

First things in the first week:
First car ride.
First time at home.
First, second, and third walks around the neighborhood in the baby sling.
First and second trip to the pediatrician's office.
First trip to Wal-Mart.
First time home alone with mommy.
First time home alone with everyone except daddy.
First diaper change in the car.
First family of 5 outing to Aldridge Gardens.
First cry in the car experience.

Doodlebug has jaundice just like her brother and sister did when they were newborns, so she got to sleep on the bili-light at home for a couple of nights. She is off of the light already. The downside to this is that she has had her heel pricked every day since Thursday. (5 times)

However, Life is good!

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