Monday, March 15, 2010

Parenting Thoughts

1. You are the best person for the job as the parent of your children, so take responsibility and do it.

2. No one else will put quite as much into your kids - even teachers and grandparents. Make the most of every opportunity. If you know you are slacking, what do you think anyone else is doing?

3. Don't expect a grandparent to pick up where you left off. They just want to be grandparents, have no rules and do whatever they want to do. {I totally don't understand this. This is not how I remember my grandparents.}

4. Have fun. Laugh when you want to cry. Discipline when its needed. And spend quality time with them so that they don't get bored and unruly. Know them better than anyone else. Question them. Be quiet with them. You will know how to invest in them when you do these things.

5. Love them like Christ loves you. You can never over love them.


  1. So true! Oh and I don't understand the grandparent thing either! Grandparents these days have changed so much!!!

  2. Hello fellow Christian, Alabamian bloggetter :) I am so glad I came across your blog- very cute!


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