Thursday, March 25, 2010

Full Term and Waiting

So I am now 37 weeks pregnant and expecting the arrival of our baby girl any time now. My main concern is not knowing who will be able to keep my kids when I go into the hospital. Currently, all grandparents are sick, and Speed Racer is on antibiotics for an ear infection, not to mention that I don't know where they will go if we have to rush to the hospital unexpectedly. They all live 45 minutes to an hour away. I know God provides all our needs, so I am leaving this need in His hands.

I've had a sore throat myself, so my house is not perfectly in order like it has been for a few months now. ;) Not to mention I need to clean the bathrooms - the dreaded chore when pregnant.


  1. Sweet Jamie - I wish you lived by me - I would definitely keep your little ones for you!

    Don't worry - God will take care of it for you. Just focus on the little baby to be and take care of yourself!

  2. Jamie, I know your kids don't know me very well at all but feel free to call me if you need someone fast or at an odd time. I will be glad to help you out, until grandparents come, etc.... Lauren


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